4 Questions to Test Your Business Idea Before Company Incorporation Singapore

Company incorporation Singapore
Singapore Business Incorporation


The thought of opting for a company incorporation Singapore and getting into a business may put lead your heart. It can make you cringe and shelve your best business idea. It is especially true for the individuals who haven’t much thought about owning a business. Fear of failure is a mind-killer!

If you have the fears about the practicality of the idea, you must confront and slay your dragons before indulging in the Singapore company registration. It needs investment, and until you are convinced about your commitments, there is no point in doing so. To get out of the ‘To be or not to be’ state of mind, you need to dive into the heart of your business idea. You need to ask a few basic questions and test it.

What is the Product?

You need to answer this question to define your business idea in detail. As long as it is in your head and untested, it will remain vague, and you will never understand its worth or worthlessness. Try to answer in minimum words. If you need to write an essay to explain your it then you surely are on the wrong track.

The answer to the question, “What is my product?,” will ultimately reveal your products strong and weak points. It will also reveal the opportunities and threats to it. Remember, the business persons are often told to wear their customers’ shoes to find out the ground reality about the product.

Will Customers Accept it?

If you are going into the business to make money and a career for yourself then ‘Narrow Market’ offers a few options to the start-up entrepreneurs.

You may have a brilliant business idea, but if there are no takers for it, you won’t succeed and realize your dream. Your product should be acceptable to the masses unless it is exotic and is for a few select individuals. The masses will support you only if they need or are hungry for what you are offering.

One of the ways you can confront and test the viability of the idea is to hit the road and conduct extensive market research. It is an important activity and can reveal a wealth of information for you. It will enable you in identifying your competitors and the market niche for your product. It will also identify the kind of customers who are need of your product as well as others who can benefit from it.

If you indulge in a company incorporation Singapore but do not have this data to base your decisions on, you will be working in a vacuum without any direction and goal.

Is Your Product a Solution?

The people will buy your product only if it offers a solution to their problem.

Let us make it a bit personal for you. Would you like to use your product for the problem it was designed to address? And, would you be satisfied afterward? If your answer is ‘Yes!’ go ahead and start planning your Singapore company incorporation.

Do People Need It?

Is your product is something that will add to the customers’ experience or life? Is it something that people will buy and continue to use it? The whole purpose of offering a new product or adding value to the existing one is to save money, time or efforts. The purpose can also be to enrich the moments or the life of the users.

You must remember that the products that carve a place for themselves and creates a loyal customer base are the once that become successful. If your test reveals that you have hit upon such a product, you should not waste any time and go for a company registration Singapore.

If you don’t know how to register a company in Singapore, you better take help of the Singapore incorporation services. The incorporation process is simple, and if everything goes all right, you will have your Singapore company in 1 – 3 days.


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